Sneaky Knicky

We Specialize in Fundies

We enjoy evening relaxations. Back seat rides. That’s our thing. Switch the lights on and you’ll still catch us lazing about. We like getting real comfortable. See what happens when you do too. We get used to looking damn good stylish at home pretty quickly. We do it with grace, with poise. Schnabel does it effortlessly, so can you.

Tapered Fit

This silhouette gives a clean and crisp look to its wearer. Unlike other boxers that make you look like you’re wearing parachutes below, our fundies give enough room for comfort while still being stylish.

Artisanal Touch

Each of our boxers have labels which are individually hand stamped on cheese cloth. we try to be as sneaky as possible, so leaving that small mark on our products gives you enough of an idea about who we are.

Sneaky Knicky Size Guide

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