About Gouache

Gouache creates stylish specialty bags for the active, artistic urbanites and the adventure lovers. Gouache seeks to introduce canvas waxing to the local bag industry, a technique that requires each bag to be meticulously handcrafted and guarantees that each piece has a unique finish. No two Gouache creations are exactly the same, and like leather, your waxed-canvas bags age and grow more interesting as you wear them.

How it all began…

Gouache started with our Camera Bags through a local Filipino crowdsourcing site THE SPARK PROJECT. We saw the need for good stylish camera bag at a reasonable price and so we decided to explore the opportunity and make these bags ourselves. We had a vision of working hand-in-hand with local artisans and bag makers to create stylish specialty bags that can stand out in the market. Through the support of the SPARK PROJECT team and our generous backers, we were able to raise enough funds to start the production of the first batch of GOUACHE bags.

From the concept of the camera bags, Gouache now carries several product lines designed to complement the urban lifestyle.

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