Green fashion. Green lifestyle.

Qamay’s eco-friendly products

Industrialization radically refashioned the business world by creating a promising future through the manufacture and processing of products in large scale. Unfortunately this economic breakthrough has brought many long-term negative effects due to the challenge of management of non-biodegradable wastes. The result is the tragic irreversible pollution of our environment.

Even though the last decade increased environmental awareness with numerous eco-friendliness campaigns, most of the corporate world consumed with profit maximization lacks the moral sense to take up the responsibility to make the necessary changes for a better world.

However, Qamay is of one of the few who want to create a sustainable future by focusing on staying environmental-friendly with the products that they endorse.

Qamay is an online retail store based in San Francisco, California that sells handmade, eco-friendly products made from sustainable and/or recycled and up cycled materials

Our key mission is to promote a greener lifestyle for all, and to let everyone know that being green doesn’t have to be boring.

Our purpose is to reduce the waste that we leave behind by transforming it in to safe and useful products. Qamay endorses amazing products from the Loudbasstard & Habi Footwear.

The Loudbasstard

Loudbasstard is a hand-crafted passive amplifier made of bamboo and rattan which makes it remarkably durable, renewable, and rich in tonal variation. It also has a unique organic look with its soft and elegant finishing. The Loudbasstard comes in 7 attractive shades; you won’t miss at least one that complements your taste.

Habi Footwear

habi footwear

These are trendy hand-made eco-friendly shoes mostly made from recycled/ up cycled materials.
Habi foot wear has existed since 2011. It compromises of wide range of comfortable espadrilles and sandals which are currently competing in the fashion retail industry. Habi being 100% Filipino promotes responsible fashion; it works in partnership with the mothers of poor urban communities in the Philippines.
Mostly homemakers, these mothers weave the rags used in the shoes and get extra income from this at more than three times the market price.

Let’s all come together and play our part in saving our planet by using eco-friendly products that are not only fashionably hip but also made to promote a healthy green economy and helps make our world a better place.