Loudbasstard Amplifier (Charcoal)
Loudbasstard Amplifier (Charcoal)Loudbasstard Amplifier (Charcoal)Loudbasstard Amplifier (Charcoal)

Loudbasstard (Charcoal) Bamboo Speaker and Amplifier


Loudbasstard is an incredibly durable, renewable, and rich in tonal variation, bamboo and rattan bring a relaxed style to any area. This passive amplifier and speaker is hand-made to create a unique and one of a kind look.

Frame is expertly crafted of Woven Bamboo and Rattan.

For Daily Care, simply Wipe clean using a soft , dry cloth. To protect the finish, avoid the use of abrasive chemicals, harsh cleaners and rough cleaning pads and polishes. To remove lodged debris, we recommend using a vacuum with a brush attachment.

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