Sale! Gouache Kahlo Tote Bag (Black)
Gouache Kahlo Tote Bag (Black)Gouache Kahlo Tote Bag (Black)Gouache Kahlo Tote Bag (Black)Gouache Kahlo Tote Bag (Black)Gouache Kahlo Tote Bag (Black)Gouache Kahlo Tote Bag (Black)Gouache Kahlo Tote Bag (Black)

Kahlo Waxed Canvas Laptop Tote Bag (Black) by Gouache – Handmade

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The Gouache Kahlo Bag unisex Tote with a lot of unique features. Inspired by Tokyo fashion, this lightweight line was designed to be multi-purpose city hand bag. The Kahlo bag has a lot of pockets and compartments that can help you organize your knick-knacks. It boasts a total of 8 pockets and 2 removable dividers. Special features worth mentioning are the luggage holder/ slip and the zipper lock to help secure your belongings when you commute. Also, typical of a Gouache, this bag is padded enough to double as a camera bag. The Kahlo can comfortably house a 12″ laptop, DSLR gear and an extra lens.

Product features:

– Ripstop lining
– Water repellant
– Laptop divider and adjustable gadget dividers
– can fit 13″ laptops with full-frame camera.
– Multi pockets: 2 pockets at the back, 2 pockets in front, 2 pockets inside and 1 hidden phone pocket inside.
– Removable cotton straps
– zipper lock feature
– luggage sleeve

Weight: 1.7 lbs
Dimensions: 14 x 4 x 10 in

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